Hey folks,

I hope you’re all doing well!

Today’s post is an announcement about the long awaited audiobook release for The Privateer – Alpha Protocol 3. It will be out on 2 July, as in, next Tuesday!

It’s available for preorder now, which you can do at this link:


The Privateer is once again narrated by the superb Scott Aiello who’s knocked it out of the park once again, putting in an amazing performance and really bring the characters to life.

The good folks over at Podium (who produce and publish the audiobook) have sent me over a load of nice teaser trailers and images, so I’m going to try embedding them here. Wish me luck!

Here’s a little bit on what the story is about:

The greatest threat humanity has ever faced lies beyond the frontier of its galactic civilization, but dangers closer to home have been overlooked and allowed to grow.

As greed and personal ambition in the Terran Union push the common good aside, the Navy is forced to turn to unconventional means. Jack Samson is ordered to team up with former allies to uncover and destroy the rot eating the Union from the inside.

Chasing down a trail of smuggled alien technology through the Union’s underworld, they soon discover the web of treachery reaches farther than anyone could have expected…

Finally, I have the banner graphic, which looks pretty cool, so I didn’t want to leave it out!

That’s all the excitement I’ve got for this week! See you all again next week!