Hey folks,

As the title suggests, I’ve got a hobby post today, with this week’s subject being¬† a space marine of the Avenging Sons chapter.

As with my plan to built and paint a model of every Mark V Spitfire livery from the Siege of Malta (the second one!), including the more speculative schemes, I thought it would be fun to paint a big selection of different space marine chapters.

I went through one of the 40k wiki pages, and pulled out an image of all the chapters that I liked the look of, and ended up with a lot. An awful lot!

It’s definitely an ambitious, and long-term project, withover 100 chapters I want to do. I’ve bitten into this a little before with the previous generation of models, but I’m starting from scratch again with the lessons learned from those experimental approaches.

It’s going to take quite a while, but it’ll be fun. Although I love painting minis, I don’t actually wargame, so I’m under no pressure to get an army completed. This is purely an adventure in mini painting.

It’ll be made all the longer by the fact I want to continue making model planes. In this regard, I’m limiting myself to single engine fighters from the European/North African theatre, with the exception of a few Mosquitos, because I just love ’em! I also want to keep painting historical minis, of which I’ve a very large unpainted accumulation.

I’ve settled on my preference for a volumetric highlighting approach for these minis, rather than the ‘eavy Metal Games Workshop style, as this is both my aesthetic preference, and is also an aspect of model painting I really want to improve on. I’ve always looked on space marines as the ideal practice ground for this, with their easily classifiable shapes of cylinders, spheres, squares, and the occasional cone!

So, on to my first finished model in this series, a member of the Avenging Sons. Bear in mind, it’s been about a year since I did any regular painting, so I chose a simpler scheme in colours I’m comfortable working with as there was a lot of rust to shake off. I think I overreached a bit in my approach of picking two light sources which complicated my life a bit, but overall, I’m happy with the result, and it’s definitely a good base to build from.

Once again, I’m playing with a new camera and lighting box, and have overexposed the photos a bit!

Time for the photos!

That’s all I’ve got for this week. I hope you’re all doing well, and I will see you all again next week!