Nothing of interest to report at the moment, although hopefully that will be changing over the next few weeks (see below), so I thought I’d give an update on what I’m working on.

I just finished a draft of a future release that I mentioned in a previous post – it should be out late this year or early next year. The title is still to be decided, as the story went in a different direction to the one I had initially planned, so the working title is pretty meaningless now. It’s usually only after the copy edit that I start to settle on one of the many working titles that will have occurred to me during the process of writing and editing. My working titles are usually pretty terrible, so it’s always a relief when something I like pops into my head.

This story covers what happens to Ranph dal Bragadin after the events of The Tattered Banner. It’s a stand alone story, but complements the story of the Society of the Sword trilogy.

In other news, the final part of the Society of the Sword trilogy (title to be announced soon) is getting to the part I really enjoy, where it stops being a word document and starts looking more like a real book. All the heavy editing is pretty much done. It also signals the arrival of the part of the process where most of the hard work gets done by other people – cover design, proof reading, formatting – which is nice!

I hope everyone’s well.

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