Hey folks,

Apologies for the late post! Every time I’ve sat down to write up a post this week, something’s come up and distracted me. Some updates and news this week. Nothing particularly exciting going on work wise. I’ve got the final Blood of Kings book ready for it’s copy edit. That will be going off soon, and I’m still aiming for a late Spring release for that.

The third Alpha Protocol book is also coming along nicely, and I’m approaching the end of the first draft. I’m hoping to release this book in the Autumn. On target so far, but the gods laugh when man makes plans!

That segues into my last bit of news for this week. Audible are running a sale at the moment, for the audio edition of The Alpha Protocol. It ends tomorrow (sorry for the short notice, I only found out yesterday!), so it’s a great time to get into my sci-fi series. You’ll have plenty of time to be read up by the time the third book comes out in the Autumn! You can find it here:


That’s all for this week. I’ll be back next week with something painting/model making related. See you then!

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