Hey everyone,

Today is launch day for The Squire – Blood of Kings Book 1!

The Squire is a coming of age tale about an ordinary boy whose life is completely changed on one horrible night. He’s rescued by a motley band of mercenaries who become his new family as he sets out to make sure when he once again has to face the evil that changed his life, he’s ready. Along the way, he discovers he’s not quite so ordinary as he thought!

It’s set in the same world as my other fantasy novels, so although there’s a new cast of characters, there’ll be some familiar faces and places for those who’ve read my previous books!

You can get your copy now at the following links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon AU

Amazon DE

The audiobook, narrated by John Lee, is also now available!

Here’s the back cover copy to give you an idea of what it’s all about:

When creatures that lurk in the dark dare to venture out into the world, lives are changed forever.

Conrad lives a quiet rural life with his parents in the Northlands. During one fated night, his world is turned on its head, as nightmares become reality. While his Northlands blood cries out for revenge, his head tells him surviving is the best he can do.

Rescued by a motley band of mercenaries, Conrad embarks on a new life—squire to the men who saved him.

As challenges, friends, and enemies cross his path, Conrad knows that one day he will have to face the evil that so altered his life. When that day comes, he will have to be ready.

I hope you all enjoy my new story, and will stay with me for the next year or so to see Conrad’s adventure to its conclusion!

Thanks again for your interest in my work! If you enjoy The Squire, please tell your friends, and if you have the time leave a review or rating over on Amazon – it really helps me out!

To keep my occupied on release day, I’m running an Ask Me Anything on the r/fantasy Reddit, so please stop by and ask some questions! You can find it here: Duncan’s Reddit AMA


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