I’m finally ready to officially announce my next book, titled ‘The Squire’. It’s the first part of my new Blood of Kings trilogy. I sent it away for its first proof read today, so it’s pretty far along in the process!

I’m aiming for an April 2021 release for The Squire, and so far everything is on track for that. I’ve teamed up with Audible Studios to produce the audiobooks for this trilogy, and I’m really excited about working with them.

The story is set in my Middle Sea world. Although it’s a stand alone tale with new characters, it builds on the history of that world that has been established in my other books. It’s a perfect starting place for new readers, but returning readers will recognise quite a bit!

I don’t want to give away too much about it just yet, but will be making regular announcements here when I’ve something new to share!

I hope you’re all keeping well!


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