The second of my 28mm intergalactic super soldiers is a Blood Angel. The focus here was on getting a nice red that didn’t turn too pink or orange in the highlighting process. As a reminder, I don’t use the official paints for these models, so getting the recipe right is always a bit of trial and error (usually more of the latter!). On to the pictures.

My photography is letting me down again here – I just can’t seem to get enough light, even though I have a small light box with leds, so I need to keep tweaking this setup to get it right. The highlights on the model appear more subtle in the photo than they actually are in real life.

Photography clearly needs improvement, so I might try a grey background with my next batch of photos when I paint some more models. I’m hoping the mid tone background colour will allow me get a better exposure on the model itself.

Once again, some things worked here, and some things didn’t. I’m quite happy with the red paint recipe, but my recess shading is still a bit messy and patchy in places, so I think is the main area that needs work. I stuck with the same non metallic approach on the gun as I did with the previous one (which you can take a look at here), as I quite like the end result.

Overall, there are positives and negatives to take away from this one. The eyes worked really well, but recess shading needs improvement, and highlight placement continues to be an issue!

Once again, if you’ve any comments or tips or personal experiences of painting these guys, I’d love to hear them!

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