Another review has been posted for The Tattered Banner, over at the Terraverum blog.

Again, I’m going to excerpt a bit that makes me look good:

Mr. Hamilton has done a fine job creating a believable world with interesting characters and relatable emotions. ‘The Tattered Banner’ is an exciting book which keeps the reader on their toes and is filled with adventure and excitement.

I have to admit, every time someone calls me Mr. Hamilton, I think of that scene in The Big Lebowski (possibly the most quotable movie of all time, ‘I’m not Mr. Lebowski, you’re Mr. Lebowski. I’m the dude, so that’s what you call me…[yes, I spend way too much time watching movies])

Anyway, the full review can be found here. Now I’m going to go and watch The Big Lebowski again. (Is 13:30 too early to drink White Russians?)

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