Hey folks,

I’ve got a hobby post for you this week, this time a Tamiya 1:72 Messerschmitt 109 G6. About 12,000 of these were built during the course of the war after their introduction in Feb 1943.

The kit itself is a lovely one to build, and my first step away from Airfix. I decided to use a custom set of decals and paint scheme that I saw online with this one, and may have bitten off a little more than I can chew. I’m a little disappointed with the end result, as I tried a new brand of paint in my airbrush that I really struggled with, getting constant clogs followed by splatters when the clog got pushed through. It’s the only time I’ve encountered this issue, and I’ve used quite a few brands in the air brush at this point, without this problem arising.

At the time I thought it was just me, but having used a few more paints from this brand, and spent a bit of time since this model practising with my airbrush and experimenting with paint and thinner mixes, I think the issue lies with the paint brand. I’ve encountered it with every colour of theirs I’ve tried and never with any of the other half dozen brands I use a selection from. I’ll be reluctant to use it with my airbrush in future.

This camo scheme has some interesting and pretty unique streaks for its pattern. For the most part it looks okay, but there are a few mistakes here and there that I missed. I had to spend a lot of time going back and forward correcting the issues caused by the inconsistent airbrush flow, so it was a pretty frustrating model painting experience in the end, and one I was glad to be finished with. Knowing what I know now about the paint, I wish I’d gone back with a different brand and resprayed it before all the varnish and weathering, but at the time I thought it was my skill set that was lacking.

Time for the photos!

Overall, I’m happy enough with he end result, but as always, i spot issues when I take the photos that I hadn’t noticed before, and then I can’t see anything else!

I’ve not decided what type of post I’ll have for next week. There are a few things coming through the pipeline, but coming out of my tax filing period, I’m a little disorganised on the admin side work-wise, and am not sure if I’ll be ready for any announcements as soon as next Monday! Progress is steady, though, so it won’t be too much longer!

Until then, take care!

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