David Gemmell is my favourite Fantasy author. A few others have come close with individual books, but fallen behind with others. Gemmell is perhaps the only Fantasy author who has kept me up into the wee small hours with every single one of his books. I can remember a number of late nights of reading where I turned the lights out when it was brighter outside than it had been in my room.

At some point along the way, I seem to have lost a few of my paperback copies of his books, and I just realised they were absent from my shelf. Off I went to Amazon to rectify that situation. This is what I discovered:

I sprayed an overly-ambitious mouthful of tea over my monitor when I saw that. To see my name there is, well, I don’t really know what it is. Exciting, satisfying, affirming, that warm, cozy feeling you sometimes get when incredibly happy…

Being able to make a living from writing always seemed like an impossible dream when I was younger. More than that – I was utterly convinced it was impossible. The end result of that is now that I am making a living from writing, I have to remind myself everyday that it is actually happening, because I still can’t believe it. Seeing my name up there makes it just that little bit more real.

Anyway, as it’s a new release week for me, I am obliged to plug my new release, and new genre venture into Sci-Fi, The Alpha Protocol. It’s a fun book that I really enjoyed writing. Even if you don’t read Sci-Fi, but have liked my Fantasy stuff, I like to think there’s plenty for you to enjoy in The Alpha Protocol!

To those who have already taken a chance on it, thank you so much! The book is doing much better than I hoped for with a new series in a new genre, so I really appreciate you following me on this adventure! None of this would have been possible without your support!

You can pick up a copy here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

The first part of my next Fantasy trilogy will be coming out in April. We’re back to the Middle Sea world with some new faces, and some old ones! More on that soon!

Now, I’ve got to go clean up some spilled tea!

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