Hi folks,

I know I promised some updates and news this week, but unfortunately I’m not quite ready to make those announcement, so will have to put them on the back burner until next week! All being well I’ll be good to go then!

Instead, I’m going to be talking about another mini paint this week. It’s another Scibor mini, but something a little different than the knights I’ve mainly been painting. This time out it’s a barbarian warrior slash Viking.

Here he is:

I wanted to try some different colours than I usually lean towards, so went for teal/turquoise and purple this time, with some red here and there for contrast.

Again, a chief focus was pushing the highlights, which I think has worked well in areas, but I kinda dropped the ball on the fur, which I think could really do with another one highlight at least, perhaps two. I could also have done a bit more on the hammer handles and tunic trim looking at the photos now.

I also wanted to play around with painting red hair (to get a good pop against the teal) and also work on my face and flesh painting. I’m happy with this for the most part, but I need more work on controlling where I’m putting down the high light layers. I’ve used a glaze on the cheeks, nose, and lips, which I think has given the face more depth and is something I’m going to incorporate into my process from now on.

I’m pleased with the shading on the cloak, but again think it could do with an extra highlight.

I’m a little disappointed with the hammers, as I think they read more like stone than the steel they’re supposed to be. I think less black, using a dark grey instead, and a stronger white highlight would help, but I’m open to suggestions here!

I also spent a bit of time reading up on how to take better photos, and I think a couple of very simple little changes have made a pretty big impact. All I’ve done is turn off one of my lights and change the camera angle. There’s still a bit too much noise in the background black for my liking, so I’ll try a larger aperture next time. I used f14 for these, and I think I’ll still be able to keep the model in focus even with something like f12 or so (can’t remember what the intervals are on my lens) while blurring the background into a smoother texture.

That’s all for this week. I’ll have everything in place for updates next Monday, so check in then to hear the news! Until then, take care!

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