It’s off to the beta readers with the latest (and hopefully last) draft. All being well, the heavy reviewing/editing is done with. I’m happy with it and feel that it’s better than the previous draft, which I was also pretty happy with!

Now its back to the new book that I started working on while waiting for my last batch of feedback. While I find the reviewing process does get a little tedious at times, it is enjoyable in that it reacquaints you with your work and imbues you with an in depth familiarity with it. For me though, it does not come to close to the enjoyment I get from writing something entirely new.

With editing, when you get up from your desk at the end of the day, you haven’t really created anything new, just something a little bit different. With a new work, each evening when you quit, there are new stories and characters that just didn’t exist before and that is thing that I love so much about writing. You get to breath life into a new world and everything in it, which is a dream come true for someone with an overactive imagination!

And so that brings me to my next book. I’ve been so eager to get back to this story that I didn’t take the break I had planned after the last edit and I’m really enjoying where its going. I feel pretty much the same way about the next book in the queue though, and the one after that…

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