Just a quick post with some updates this week!

I’m juggling a few projects at the moment, which is certainly keeping me busy. My main focus is on working through the edits for the final part of the Blood of Kings trilogy. I’m still on track for a late April release for this, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep to that!

I’m also working on the first draft of the third book in my Alpha Protocol series, which is a lot of fun. Doing some thing a little different to fantasy really keeps things fresh, and it also helps that I really enjoy spending time with the Alpha Protocol characters. I’m hoping to have this book finished and out later this year.

The final thing I try to spend an hour or two doing every day is some ideation on my next planned fantasy work. There are still some gaps in my world building for this series which will be set in an entirely new world. The basic world building has been straight forward enough, as I’ve had a strong sense of what style of world I want to set this in, that being a Carolingian era world, but with the focus location for the stories to centre around an Irish themed nation.

Most notable of the gaps that is how I want to deal with magic in this new world, or if I want to include it at all. I started my Middle Sea books with no magic, but gradually gave in to introducing it incrementally as part of the greater plot arc. I think I will have it in this world, in some form or fashion. Right now I’m leaning toward something druidic in style, but I need to give that quite a bit more thought – I plan on writing in this world for quite a while so need to be happy with it! Once I’ve made that choice, I’ll need to decide on how it’ll work, so lot’s still to do on that before I start into writing it!

That’s all for this week. It’ll be some mini painting next week! Until then, take care!

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