The First Blade of Ostia

Considering how crappy everything seems right now, I’ve decided to make The First Blade of Ostia free on Kindle. It’s live now (or should be – if not check back in a couple of hours!) and runs from Thurs 19 March to Mon 23 March inclusive.

Every time I sit down at my keyboard, I get to forget about everything going on in the world around me for a few hours. It’s one of the reasons why I write, and it’s why I publish my books, in the hope that I can share that with other folks too. With all that’s going on right now, I think that’s more important than ever.

The First Blade is a stand alone book, so you’re getting the entire story in this one volume – there’s no need to buy a book 2 or 3 or 7 or 8 when this one is done to find out what happens, because there isn’t any more to this story. The First Blade is about realising what’s truly important in life, and how single minded ambition can blind you to it.

I hope you enjoy The First Blade of Ostia, and hope it helps take you away to another place for a little while, as it did for me when I was writing it! You’ll find a selection of links below to download it from the Amazon location of your choice! I hope everyone and all those you care for remain safe and healthy!


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