Well, we’re a week back into lockdown in this part of the world, which isn’t great, but I guess that’s the way things are now, and I think it’s important to do our best to keep the people around us safe and healthy. Only five more weeks to go! Hopefully!

My instagram debut has had to go on a bit of a hiatus, as there’s not a whole lot of interest to take photos of in my little office! Once we can get out and about again, I’m looking forward to taking some pics of the places around Ireland that serve as some of the inspiration for the stories I write.

We’re incredibly lucky here in terms of the visible remains of the history in Ireland. From megalithic structures like dolmens, to the remains of ring forts of the early Medieval period and earlier (several of which are within walking distance of where I grew up), and the tower houses of the High Middle Ages (kinda like castle keeps without the surrounding castle walls) a number of which are still inhabited, that dot the landscape, there’s a huge amount to discover and be inspired by.

As usual, this is all the type of stuff that I take a bit for granted when I have easy access to it, but times like these make me appreciate it so much more!

In work news, I’m making good progress on my next fantasy series, the first book of which I’m still on track to have out next Spring. I’m hard at work on an edit at the moment, so will post more details about that soon!

My sci-fi projects are also going well, but with fantasy being my priority, I’m probably going to push back releasing the first book of my space opera adventure until next year. You can find some updates on all of that over on my sci-fi site, which is here:


I hope everyone’s keeping well, and staying healthy!

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