Since coming into the house, Poppy and Willow, our new ragdoll kittens, have well and truly made our house their home. Their toys are scattered liberally around the place, and little tufts of cat hair drift gently in the breeze.

Timid exploration has become more confident, and if something is in the way, or blocking their desired route, it gets moved. They’ve also taken a keen interest in television. I watched the Book of Boba Fett over the past few evenings, and Willow wanted to get in on the action.

This is definitely behaviour we’re trying to discourage, as I don’t really want my TV covered with little scratch marks!

Their curiosity extends to anything that gets left on the floor, even for only a few seconds. This covers shopping bags, and of course, boxes! I was breaking up some boxes for recycling and turned around to find this:

Of course, all of this activity doesn’t come without a cost, and eventually everyone has to pay the piper. Even little kittens brimming with energy:

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