Hey folks,

I hope you’re all keeping well. We’re back to some mini painting this week, with a knight in green. I haven’t done a rider and horse in quite a while, so gave this guy a go. I bought him quite some time ago, and am afraid I can’t recall who made it…

On to the photos!

I thought this guy had quite a peevish facial expression. His very fashionable hair style makes up for it though! He’s in metal, another thing I’ve not painted in a while. His sword is very thin and bendy, and it looked like a flamberge by the time I finished painting him. I then managed to break it, and seem to have straightened it out in the repair.

I went for a blackened steel armour, and a green livery with non metallic metal silver trim. I pushed the contrast on the green quite far, and although I think it’s a little much in the flesh, I think that approach always photographs well.

The four different non metallic metals – black armour, bluish sword, silver trim, and gold fittings, took quite a bit of effort, but it was good practice. I should have pushed the contrast harder on the gold, though.

A good view of the sword break here! And a little more of that haircut. If only I wasn’t bald…

The other side. I really need to start putting more effort into basing my minis!


I considered filing the shield flat so I could practice my freehanding a bit more, but justified leaving it as further NMM practice!

Overall he was a fun mini to paint, although I think I’m a convert to plastic and resin rather than old school metal models I grew up with. I’m going to do so more mounted minis in future, as they’re fun and look great when finished (plus, I have a drawer full of them!)

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back next week with news and updates! Until then, take care!

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