Hey folks,

It’s been a while since I updated here as I’m sure you’ve noticed. As you may have heard, I lost  my website to a blunder while trying to make it compliant with the new bulk mailing systems requirements—I had to set up a sub domain, did it wrong, then ended up deleting the main domain. The backup system I’ve been paying for monthly for about 6 years instantly deleted all the files from the server. It seems the backup service doesn’t cover user stupidity…

Anyhow, faced with the daunting task of having to rebuild the whole thing from scratch, once I got the basic functionality up and running again, I put the whole thing on the long finger, and that finger got, well, a whole lot longer!

But here I am now! I’ve still got some rebuilding to do on the book pages and such, along with changing the font here to something more interesting than this one, but I’m going to start updating with content again, ideally on a weekly basis, but please don’t hold it against me if it’s occasionally every two weeks or so!

This is also a good time to thank everyone who got in touch with me about using Wayback machine to retrieve my old posts. I’ve pulled as much data as I could from that site, and will try to repost it when I get the time. Until then, I have a good chunk of it sitting safely here on a (backed up!) hard drive!

For my grand return, I’ve a Plastic, Paint, and Glue post. I’ll try to get in some work related updates, which I know is what you really want, with next week’s post.

Today, I have another in my list of Malta Spitfires. I took a long break from hobbying generally, not so much out of losing interest as in just not having the time to do it. It’s been about a year since I touched a paint brush, air brush, or pot of glue, so this one’s a little rough around the edges as I knocked the rust off and reminded myself how to do it.

This plane is an Airfix kit painted as it would have been delivered to Malta as part of Operation Calendar, and is a model Vc. My understanding is that these planes didn’t last very long after arriving in Malta, most of them being destroyed by a Luftwaffe raid before they even got off the ground.

Now, to the pictures!

I’m also using some new camera gear and a lighting booth thingy that I haven’t quite gotten to grips with, so bear with me as I endeavour to produce some better photos!

Until next week, take care!